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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Orange Crocus

Last autumn I planted a small bag, 10 bulbs to be precise, of Crocus olivieri balansae subsp. Zwanenberg.  If that doesn't roll of your tongue freely, then you could always use the alternative name, as listed on the packaging. Crocus Orange Monarch - it's far easier to pronounce.

I blogged about them at the time, you can read the post and comments here. Suffice to say that I had been rather skeptical, as were most of you too, as to how the colour of the blooms would compare to those on the packaging.

Following advice given on the packet, I chose a very sunny spot in the front garden.      

Crocus Orange Monarch blooming 21 March 2015

The colour is more golden yellow than orange I would say.  What do you think?

Never in the creation of all things garden was 10 bulbs going to give me an eye catching display and to be honest, they were only planted as a bit of a novelty.  Which is probably just as well since I had forgot they were there and dumped a bucket of manure right over the top of them!  They've done quite well considering.  Here they are in their entirety - a rather meager display beneath the Itoh peony.   It will be interesting to see if they multiply as well as other Crocus seem to do in my garden.

Crocus Orange Monarch
Crocus olivieri balansae subsp. Zwanenberg  
Whilst I am not totally disappointed, after all I was skeptical from the outset, I suppose I feel a bit let down and embarrassed to say that I fell for their marketing ploy.  What about you, have you had any minor let downs or major disappointments this spring?