Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A belated Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2016

I am at sixes and sevens right now.  My work hours have changed and not only is my body trying to adjust but I swear my mind if suffering too.  I am constantly feeling tired and fed up right now.  I hope that once I get myself into a new routine I should begin to feel more positive.  I am thankful though that I still have a job so shouldn't grumble.  On the up side, I am reconnecting with colleagues I haven't seen for more than 20 years, it's been nice to hear how they've all been and what's been going on in their lives.  I have barely switched on the laptop and definitely not read any blogs for 2 weeks now. Apologies for missing all the goings on from your gardens.  

They say April showers bring May flowers and I think my garden reflects this.  Just not in the way this popular proverb means.  There is not much in the way of blooms right now.  Lack of rain in April and thus far into May sees the garden kind of stuck in limbo.  I could produce a veritable A to Z of plants on the cusp of blooming.  Okay, okay that may be a slight exaggeration on my part and I could more realistically produce quite an extensive list from Allium through to Viburnum.  Abies even if you count the new cones forming on the Korean fir.

Take a donder around the garden with me if you will.  My favourite in the garden right now is the star Magnolia blooming in the side garden.  Sandwiched between two Acers, I can see this from the window when I am standing at the kitchen sink.  Dicentra King of Hearts and the Lamprocapnos spectabalis, that was once a Dicentra pick up the tone of the new Acer foliage.  As does Lamium orvala.

The woodland to is quite a pretty sight just now.  The Laburnum, now in it's third year in my garden, looks set to produce a mass of flowers for the first time.  

The Amelanchier, A. alnifolia Obelisk, is much more suited to it's spot than the hardy Fuchsia that was growing here before.  This spot in the garden has proved awkward to fill.  I think this is my 4th or 5th attempt at trying to get it right.  
Very late but pretty nonetheless, Narcissus Baby Moon, is just coming into bloom in the summer border.

Also in the summer border Muscari armeniacum Peppermint blooms beneath Choisya White Dazzler.

I don't mind the lone bloom on Cornus rutgersensis Ruth Ellen.  I had read it may take a while to produce lots of blooms.

Clematis Pixie smells gorgeous, when it's warm enough that is.  She's been a bit neglected this past year since I brought her pot down nearer the house.  I've promised her a new support and some pampering this year.

Speaking of scent, Skimmia japonica Snow White, blooms happily in it's shady corner.  I've reached the conclusion that scented blooms are wasted here at this time of the year.  

Whilst colour in the back garden may be quite subdued right now, it's quite a different matter out in the front garden.  Colour coming predominantly from the Euphorbias.  I've have a renewed interest in Euphorbia since discovering they seem to grow well in the front garden.  This confirms the suspicions I had previously regarding the fact that they did not appreciate the richer more moist soil round in the back garden.  Once Cotinus Grace is large enough she should make the perfect backdrop for this striking plant.

Euphorbia polychroma or should that be E. epithymoides, from what I can gather it is listed under both names, previously failed in the back garden.  A single plant I managed to rescue has taken a year or two to recover but is now looking great.  Albeit a small single specimen.

Seeing how well it was doing I went shopping for some more to add to the front of the border in the front garden.  In true Angie style that was not what I came home with.  I instantly fell for this wee beauty.  I just couldn't resist.  I planted 3 in a row to edge the path under the arch.  The tones of the foliage should add more interest in summer.

A big thanks to Frances @ Island Threads for the reintroduction.  Another plant I am enjoying in the front garden right now comes by way of another garden blogger.  Annette up there in her Aberdeen Garden.  This acid yellow Potentilla loves the sunny aspect out there.

Lastly, just coming into bloom Verbascum Clementine.  A little too close for comfort to the Euphorbia though.  I moved it further away last autumn but obviously not quite far enough.  They can fight it out for space for the time being.

Apologies to Carol over at May Dream Gardens for the delay in joining in this month.  I'm off now to see what's happening at yours!